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Why Stick'N'Rope...

Have you ever heard of an old phrase "done with the help of a stick and a rope"? 
In our homeland, it's very common and heavily exploited. It refers to a situation when you are forced by circumstances to use only the tools available at the moment, often followed by the process of making adequate tools in absence of the right and suitable ones. The lack of comfort can be a positive trigger for the imagination to take over and lead to places we were not expecting to be. Most of the time, if not always, the best ideas are emerging from the need to overcome certain obstacles. We see problems as challenges so the whole process of creating becomes a fun game of exploring limits and breaking rules.

about us...

My name is Sladjana.

I love the smell of old paper and the soft edges worn out over time.

Books are my favourite companions in adventures through time and other worlds.

My greatest passion is creating journals.

My name is Aleksandar.
I could never find myself in just one art form. What I do now is combining my love for drawing, painting, sculpting, photography, design, filming, and writing and fuse them all into original artwork.

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