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Frequently Asked Questions

These are the most frequently asked questions but if you need more information feel free to contact us.

What kind of paper do you use?

- We use a variety of different brands of copy paper (70-100g), kraft paper (80-135g) and drawing paper (75-260g).

Is it safe to write on paper with ink?

- Writing on this aged paper depends only on your calligraphy skills. Choose the right kind of ink to avoid overspill and bleeding.

Are the books bound in leather?

- No, the covers are made from thick pressed recycled paper, cardboard and other "secret ingredients". The only leather parts are belts and straps used for closing.

Can I order a custom design?

- Yes, there is always a possibility to make a custom design and these projects are our favourite kind of work.

We produce our own stencils which give us the freedom of incorporating any desired design for instance - your logo, sign or any other symbol or silhouette.

How durable are the journals?

- Even though they look like they are falling apart, they are very resistant and meant to be used daily like any other book. Old-school type of stitch gives flexibility to the spine so they can be fully opened which makes writing and drawing much easier.

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, we ship worldwide through the PostNord mailing system.

Do you have a pricing plan?

For the moment, there is no direct pricing plan but you can always use Klarna at the checkout and later decide how to deal with your payments.

How can I see the prices in other currencies?

- At the top of the "Shop" page there is a button Currency Converter where you can choose the currency that suits you best. It is updated automatically and we have no control over the accuracy.

Are those real old books?

- No, they are deliberately made to look like they are very old and decayed.

Do you make replicas of other books?

- No, we do not make replicas of other people's work nor replicas of other old books although some of them are inspired by the details of existing books.

How long is the process of making such a journal?

- It depends on how many elements it contains, the number of pages, the size, and the complexity of the covers.

It can take from 2-4 weeks.

How do you make the paper look so old?

- Aging is done in a solution with black tea as a base.

Is every piece unique?

- Yes, all the notebooks are one-of-a-kind works of art. They are all handmade and handpainted so it would be impossible to repeat the fine details. Ornaments are resin casts but they are handmade previously from clay, moulded and later hand-carved and painted. Every piece is marked with a serial number and our stamp for authenticity.

Are they real magic books?

- No, they are not. Pages are blank.It is your decision what will they be used for.

What is their purpose?

- There is no specific purpose determined. It could be jour personal diary, notebook, sketchbook, or book of recipes (whatever it is that you are cooking), log, planner, photo album, herbarium, memoir or something totally different. You can keep it simply as a decorative piece or a movie prop or a photography set piece.

What is the meaning of the symbols on them?

- Sometimes we use symbols that are connected to a certain deity from historic texts and there is more than one meaning behind it. Occasionally we combine symbols from different periods of time and different cultures making our version of it. Very often the signs are inspired by stories from various sources and therefore representation of our vision. In some cases, it is only a decorative shape that might, but not necessarily, means anything.

Are you practising magic?

- No, we do not perform any kind of rituals or magic spells of any kind (at least not intentionally). We are just a couple of artists with a great passion for all forms of artistic expression.

Where are you located?

- Currently, we are based in the South/East coast of Sweden.

Where could people buy you art?

- For the moment, the primary selling spot is our online store and a few galleries in Stockholm's old town.

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